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Improve the maneuverability of your amphibious ATV by installing the finest American-made tracks available. Our dedicated team manufactures and installs the highest quality tracks for any Argo™ vehicle, ensuring you're always safe and never stuck. Our system gives your ATV the ability to climb, drive, or swim anything you put it through!



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About Us

Beaver Dam Argo Inc. sells the finest amphibious ATVs, UVTs, and XTV vehicles to customers from Fox Lake, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas. Our shop in Fox Lake is an authorized factory dealer and repair center for Argo vehicles. We also build high-quality tracks for these units that no one else builds. They are designed to fit any tire—even 25" tires. Incorporated in 2004 by proud Argo owners of more than 40 years, we are dedicated to serving the Argo community and producing Escargo Type Tracks right here in America. Our tracks feature larger paddles than the original designs for a better grip on ice, better performance while swimming in open water, better sideways control on slippery slopes, and much better all-around forward propulsion.

By choosing our American-made products, you'll save on import taxes, fees, and transportation on our products. We are an authorized Argo repair center offering transmission and clutch rebuilding as well as full-service solutions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the friendliest, most informative, and most helpful Argo dealer in North America.

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