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About Us

At Beaver Dam Argo Inc., our focus is amphibious ATVs. When you choose us for your Argo and ATV needs, you'll always be treated with respect, your orders will be filled, and we'll make sure you get financed. We are Argo owners and lovers, dedicated to making the Argo experience as wonderful for everyone as ours always has been.

Owner Chris Schenkel is a Wisconsin sportsman who uses his Argo all season long. He ice fishes from November through the end of spring, and uses his Argo to fish in open waters and to reach his tree stand. If you ask Chris, he will tell you that an Argo is a "can–do" machine that can go more places than any 4x4.

Our Promise

We honor ALL factory promotions. Based on your specific needs and requests, we will send you:

• Schematics • Argo Parts and Service Manuals • Specs
• Parts Diagrams • Prices • Owner's Manuals
• Exploded Views • Accessory Instructions • Operator's Manuals

Let us look up the VIN of any machine you may be purchasing from a private party and send you the date of manufacture along with all of the engine and transmission codes you might need for service. If you are selling a used Argo, let us help you determine its fair market value or sell it for you. This is the type of personalized service you always receive from us.

From the Owner

My name is Christopher Schenkel. My cell phone number is (920) 296-8364, and your Argo is as important to you as mine is to me. I promise to respect you and your Argo, no matter where it came from, or where you bought it. If you don't own an Argo and have questions, just ask. If you bought an Argo on eBay™, or from someone else, I won't bite your head off. My pricing is fair and my dealings with the public are honest. I am not a salesman. I'm just me, Christopher, and I love Argos."