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All-Terrain Snow Tracks

At Beaver Dam Argo Inc., we offer the finest snow tracks, along with track installation, for our customers in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas. Our inventory includes the best-designed UHMW tracks designed for deep snow, mud, and even fast water paddling. All tracks are manufactured in our machine shop, including full-steel Escargo-type tracks. Ours are hybrid tracks made of 50% steel cross and grousers and 50% UHMW, which gives you the bite of steel at a much reduced weight.

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Our tracks are manufactured to strict tolerances, with crossers made of state–of–the–art, high-strength, special alloy steel. These are welded to alloy steel sub-assemblies formed with high-pressure hydraulic presses to create a perfectly-balanced, matched crosser every time. The result is a tough, unbreakable crosser paddle that pushes through impossible mud bogs, swims in water, and climbs straight up hills. You might think this durability comes with a lot of noise, but you enjoy a smooth, quiet ride on ice, unlike plastic tracks that clunk along on surfaces. The steel grip is something that only Escargo-type tracks have.

Trust Us

We're your friendly Wisconsin Argo Dealer, and all of our shop work is guaranteed. The snow kit ensures your Argo is unstoppable, no matter what you decide to drive through, over, or in. These tracks are the best for plowing and driving cattail marshes, but they're also effective on gravel roads, ice, and hills. Our tracks are made to fit any model so your Argo can go anywhere:

Steep Slopes | Spraying Ditches | Ice (Up to 2.5 Feet) | Muck | Water | Slush

Reliable Service

Christopher Schenkel, president of our company, trusts his life with these tracks. They never stretch or fall off, they do not break, and they will not break your Argo. They've saved lives, and are totally amphibious. The best part is that they add only 89 pounds over the Argo rubber tracks, keeping your machine light and ready to drive.

We buy, sell, and service all Argo amphibious ATVs. Used Argos are also for sale, and we offer trade-ins for new machines. Browse our reference library of service manuals, and request help from our knowledgeable staff to locate the parts you need. If we can't find them, then they aren't available. We also have new and used steel paddle tracks, which can be financed if necessary. Finally, you can rent an Argo by the day, weekend, or week. We also offer loaners while we service your machine.